Soda Ash Direct

Soda Ash Direct is your source for easy ordering and wholesale prices on Sodium Carbonate (also known as “dense soda ash”) and Soda Blast Media.

Our product is produced from Wyoming trona from the Green River Valley—the biggest and best source of quality soda ash in the world! We buy it directly from the manufacturer/producer, and ship it to you from our warehouse in Denver, Colorado.

Custom quantities for big or small needs

Whether you need a pound/500grams of sodium carbonate (Na2CO3) or 40,000 lbs./20 MT, Soda Ash Direct has a warehouse full of this versatile product and the logistical experience to get it to you quickly and cost-effectively. Our wholesale prices are good. Our service is the best.

Soda Ash delivery worldwide

We are close to the source—and can ship or export to manufacturers, retailers, distributors, and individuals across the globe. Our customers include the oil and gas industry, water and pool treatment chemical suppliers, glass makers, artisans and other individuals in the US and abroad. 

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